Monday, June 21, 2010

if you don't want to see my butt, don't look over here!

among my mountain biking friends, this is what we shout when we are about to remove our pants. it is the polite warning for those who may wish to avert their eyes.

since this post contains a photo of my butt, you may wish to avert your eyes.

last wednesday i had a little spill on the racecourse. it was a stupid fall; i wasn't even moving at the time. i had gotten off my bike and didn't ride a little technical passsage and i was just standing still for a moment when -bam!- fall down, go boom.

i got a little bruisie on my butt. today is monday, and this is what it looks like today.


Jay said...

Ouch! That's a pretty serious bruise! Hope you're able to sit. haha ;-)

Victoria Koldewyn said...

ooooooh nice one!!! Even if it was a bit ignominiously earned :)

flask said...

jay: actually, sitting didn't go so well the first day or so. it's all pretty standard stuff though.

v.k.: well, the WHOLE story is that i may have been just standing there, but i was standing there be being self-congratulatory over not having ridden the passage, because i just had a bad feeling about it at the top and when i got to see it on foot, i could see that the line i'd have taken would have been exactly the wrong line and it would have gone very, very badly for me.

sometimes going on foot is kind of where it goes when you find yourself praying to God that you don't get hurt on this run and he says "meet me halfway."

RW said...

My skin is going... "eeeeeeehaaa aaahoooooommmm mmmmmmbwaaaaa"


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