Wednesday, June 09, 2010

still catching up.

well, i'm feeling kind of scattered, so don't expect this to have much in the way of organization.

ok, so i just saw the results from last night's run and i didn't need to see them to know that i am still on my awesome streak: i hold the all-time record in this race series for most consecutive last-place finishes. the hard thing about holding a record like that is that it only means something if you go out there every week and do your best NOT to come in last.

it's about never giving up. it's a badge of honor.

and tonight we'll go out and race the same course, only on bikes.

you know what?

i go a lot faster on wednesdays if i don't run on tuesday. go figure.

but it's an attendance thing. among my family and friends it is well-known that if you wish for me to attend your funeral or your wedding, you will not hold it on a wednesday evening during the summer.

aside from that, i'm still workin' on the old projects and some new ones, clearing my desk bit by bit.

if you'd like to see the photos from my may roadtrip or my memorial day weekend, you can find those here and here. some of them are very pretty.

right now i'm working on a website for an artist friend of mine. it's not yet available for your view, but rest assured that when i get it done, i'll give you links for it so you can go look at her work.

and even though NOW i can tell you about that project i wasn't telling you about before, it's kind of moved to the back burner and will have to wait for a slow day.

i still haven't even begun to assemble the leaf out project, and at this rate it will probably be autumn before i do that. it's all fine and dandy if you decide to take several hundred photos of the exact same scene just to show the change in light and the progress of the leaves, but i think it seems like a cooler project while you're planning it and when you've got it finished, and when you're faced with figuring out how to compile and edit the photos, maybe not so much.

and i'm working on some new music for piano, but i'm too scattered (does it show?) to really develop it thematically which maybe isn't such a disaster since the original concept is kind of a set of miniatures anyway and i have to practice a clarinet sonata i'd hoped to be ready to play soon and i need to rehearse some things for upcoming performances...

...and instead i'm blogging about it.

so i hope you won't mind if i just leave it be without making any deep observations and just get back to work, ok?

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