Thursday, June 03, 2010


well, no, i haven't written all week.

it's not that i have nothing to say, but i was away for the weekend and if you REALLY wanted to follow me there you coud have used the handy "find flask on the road" page, which i stopped updating monday when i came home.

right now i'm finishing up the laundry, processing the pictures, and in general catching up.

there are a lot of pictures to process, because while i wasn't paying attention all of may slipped by and i have to clock all those photos and then edit the video, plus i have to put together the photo albums from the trips, and do something with all the leaf out photos and log the geocaches and there's music to practice and music to write and there was a little art project and a thing about unpacking and in general gearing up for race season at which i'm going to suck, but the only way out is through.


more as i have it for you; i'll keep you posted.

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