Thursday, March 03, 2011

hey, that looks good.

so i was reading this post and the number two on that list caught my attention and i've been keeping it open on my desktop just to remind me that it sounded good and that i intended to make it sometime soon or something like it so yesterday after i was done grocery shopping i made a generic roast of some sweet potatoes and some mushrooms and some beets (the beets i used later for something i'll tell you about later) and i made this wrap, thinking that i would take it to church as my bag lunch for the meeting.

i had caramelized onions already. did you know that you can caramelize a whole bunch of onions at once and they keep nicely in the fridge a while, or in the freezer indefinitely?

handy to know.

anyway, i roasted the veggies separately and generically; a little olive oil and some salt and pepper. i slathered pesto on a warmed-up wrapper (spinach) and piled on the roasted veggies and warmed-up onions and oh, my goodness! this thing is good. you should run right out and make yourself one.

beats tuna salad any day.

and unrelated, if for some reason you decide to follow me on twitter, what you're going to get is mostly the odd thing i find that's worth mentioning, but i'm not going to write a blog about it. today i'm interested in harper collins' ridiculous announcement that they're going to destruct the ebooks libraries purchase after twenty-six checkouts.

i am not sure why they're doing that, except to make librarians think that their acquisition dollars might be spent in better ways beside buying harper collins ebooks.

greedy hatwipes.

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