Friday, March 04, 2011


so i was all ready to go skiing today and the weather and conditions were prefect and they're not going to be so nice again until sometime next week, but if i haven't caught cr's cold, i have some low-level grunge and i just don't feel good.

it's possible that if i'd gotten dressed and gone out i'd feel better, but my throat's just a little swollen and my chest feels just a little nasty the way they do when you're doing pretty well at fighting the thing off and while some exercise and sunshine might have been in order, i just had a hunch that it would be better to lay low and keep warm.

i did have the energy to toss in some laundry and clean the upstairs bathroom.

in the meantime i clocked half of the september photos, and i also managed to put up a new design at my zazzle store. i'm not selling a lot of stuff, but hey, you never know. i also managed to lay out a little spreadsheet and enter data about how i'm spending my life according to the snapshot life of the thirteen project, so although i have no cool visualizations of that data yet and no concrete idea of how i'm going to play with that data, i at least have the first month entered in a table that i can mess with.

i think i'm going to rework an old theme into a new piece suitable for lent, which then maybe i can do with donna-sue and cr, who are awesome to work with. it was the last idea before i went to bed last night, and i haven't done much with it, but it's in here somewhere.

in the blogosphere the latest news is that the drawing is complete, thanks to peg and mybabyjohn:

it's kind of a fun game and i think i want to play more of it.

i may never catch up with the gigantic story, or even news from my kitchen, but it's naptime for me.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you are so busy. I admire that.
have a great weekend.

mybabyjohn said...

If you are going to do more folded drawings, count me in. That was fun.


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