Sunday, April 19, 2015

slightly disturbing

this winter i was in a park near my house and i saw a jar full of some cloudy thing balanced on a branch. it had a note under it, written on birch bark.

i'm just telling you what i saw, without providing any commentary.

here's the jar:

it was very cold out, so the contents had frozen and cracked the glass.

very gingerly, i unfolded and read the note. none of my business of course, but -hello!- in a public park.

my hand obscures the last names of the (presumably) children.

1. thank you for what you've done with the dark omen. I am thankful and will return favors (mostly) as you please.

mostly. you make deals with the devil and you don't get to decide how far you will go. this applies to all kinds of devils, real and metaphorical.

still, i wonder what my neighborhood children have got themselves up into.


Cookie said...

That does not appear to be the handwriting of a child (from my limited handwriting analysis learnings). I'm kinda relieved, actually.

Friko said...

intriguing; did you ever find out who left jar and note and what they meant by it?

It would leave me puzzling for a long time.

Friko said...

I’ve been off line for several weeks, hence the delay in replying.


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