Wednesday, April 01, 2015

what's in the box???

ok, ok. i'm catching up.

a while ago some of the other exiles were asking "what's in the box?" you know, like they do.

i was making a box to send to MB, and of course the first person who gets to see what's in the box is MB, whether the exiles want to know about it or not.

so here's the photo of the contents. and of course, you want to know what's in all those little packages. so. starting bottom left and moving clockwise:

a bag of cute little whole wheat cheese crackers.
a bag of hand pies, in both grape and apple flavors.
a bag of precious little handmade cream caramels, assorted flavors
a mix cd, because of course.
a copt of my cd, mixed nuts and other true stories
a bag of vegan thumbnail cookies (delicious and nutritious!!)
beneath that is a letter. (black ink on sensible grey paper, of course)
next to the cookies is a black thing i'm not explaining. (ok, it's a hat. wrapped up tight.)
below that, wrapped, up, is a cute little zipper pull made with UV beads
two little knicknacks wrapped in bright paper
an 802 sticker, because we have only one area code here in vermont. it's a point of pride.
a woven cord. i'll tell you more about that in another post.
to the left of that, at bottom, some amber colored candies that glow under blacklight
center: a field guide to the flavors of the caramels, because MB said "i want to learn them by feel the way you know them."

and you know. MB.

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Cookie said...

That is such an excellent goody stash. Lucky MB!


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