Thursday, July 28, 2016

lantern light

i was doing pretty well about posting kinda regularly, but then i took off and went camping for two weeks on the res.

so now i have more things to tell you about and show you, and of course i did things that were on the venture vermont challenge because of course i did. one of the items on the list is Make and use a camp lantern made out of a clear water jug and a headlamp (5 pts).

now, i HAVE all kinda headlams, flashlights, lanterns, and even party lights for camping, so this one is one that i've heard of but never bothered with.

but you know.

i'll try all kinda things.

for science.

so i put this one together with a water jug and a spare headlamp and put it on a stump in my campsite. really and truly, i don't think much of it as a light source, but it's pretty fantastic for mood lighting.

you know, if you stay up past sundown on your campsite.


it was still cool mood lighting for a while after that, but i was too tired to set up a tripod for a night shot. 

a lot of them in the woods would be very pretty.

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