Friday, July 29, 2016

the requisite marshmallow stick.

on the venture challenge it says Find and whittle your own marshmallow roasting stick (5 pts). now for nearly everything i do, i don't cut living trees. not for tent poles, not for building projects, and certainly not for firewood.

but for roasting over fire, you really should have green wood so it doesn't burn up. the good news is that striped maple saplings are plentiful and a nice branch or two may be taken off of a beech sapling with very little harm, just so long as you remember to go off a ways from any campsite to reduce impact.

i think in order to call it a marshmallow roasting stick, you have to roast at least one marshmallow, so i did. that was enough for me.

there's not a lot of whittling that goes into it, though. it's already stick shaped, and leaving the bark on helps keep the wood moist.

but even so.

one roasted marshmallow.

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