Friday, July 08, 2016

people continue to be awesome.

today i was on my way to niquette bay state park (another post) and i realized over half way there that i had left the house without a pen or pencil. this is terrible, because a day out for me includes taking notes with my junior naturalist bag and everything.

so i decided to stop at a store and buy some.

i stopped at the maplefields (a local chain of gas station convenience stores that have decent food and sparkly clean bathrooms) off of exit 17 and i looked in all the usual places for pens of any kind. there were none. i asked the cashier if they carried any.

"i somehow left the house without one today",  i explained.
"oh, so you just need one?" she said, handing me one from behind the counter.
"serious. have a nice day."

i had not gone there needing gas or expecting to buy gas, but i went and filled my tank anyway on my way out.

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