Tuesday, July 05, 2016

native wildflowers

what i am learning is that a lot of wildflowers are introduced and often even invasive species.

i normally like to identify things and memory loss being what it is, i often get to re-identify things in subsequent years.

it's a thing i do, though. it makes me happy.  under the old model i had to take field guides out with me everywhere, but under the new model i take lots of good digital pictures, bring them home, and use both field guides and online resources to make IDs.

and by "online resources" i include mb, who knows a lot more about plants than i do and when i'm stumped i can usually get her to make an identification and teach me the difference between this thing and those others.

i keep a field guide album on flickr, and add to it periodically.

for the purposes of the venture vermont challenge,  i have to identify three native vermont wildflowers.

just for the record, red clover, the vermont state flower, is not a native species.

red clover

here are some that ARE native species:

golden alexander
lesser stitchwort
northern starflower
new england aster
mountain sandwort


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Ah ha! Asters! That's what those flowers are that my kids keep bringing me to put in a vase on the table. They last forever after they're cut, by the way. Thanks for the I.D.

flask said...

always happy to help.


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