Friday, September 25, 2020

2020 Venture Vermont: Build a solar cooker or oven

 i've never done this before! but the other day i woke up and decided i was up for a project.

i looked up some instructions on the interwebs and off i went. i found some boxes to use, one large enough to hold the other with insulation around it, because it's important to keep the heat in.

the idea is that you capture the sun's heat with the reflectors and then trap it in the box under a clear cover.

i got kind of sciencey on it and i recorded the temperature i was able to get it to at various stages of the build.

temperature of the box in the shade: 62.6°F

the box in the sun: 100.9°F

reflectors added: 125.6°F

with clear covering: 173.3°F

when i tell people that i built this thing, they ask me what i made with it.

my answer: a hot thermometer.

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

This is on my list for next summer. Before we moved here, I remember thinking, "Hey, I bet I could use a solar oven in New Mexico." And now I've lived here two years in a place with a UV index that regularly gets above 10 and spent two summers heating my un-air-conditioned kitchen up to uncomfortable temperatures so I can cook dinner when RIGHT OUTSIDE is a blazing free heat source. And I never made a solar oven.

Not so smart sometimes.

So any tips for me?


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