Tuesday, July 25, 2006


today i put fresh sheets on the bed. ordinarily it wouldn't be worth noting; i adore crisp clean sheets. if you are getting into bed with me (and i realize this is not a problem for most of you) (hah. most, she says. funny.)

anyway, if you expect to get into my bed you must shower first. it's a rule. fine, then. sleep on the couch if you'd rather.

but i've been too worn out for the project; it's all i can do to keep the laundry done so i have clean uniforms to wear. so my sheets haven't been changed sincce the last time my mother changed them, while i was still having ECT.

it'd be really yicky except for the aforementioned shower AND that somhow in the last year i've taken to wearing clothes to bed. i think it's probably because agter i shower i put on some clean clothes before i go to evening prayer and i just go to bed the same way: tights and a technical shirt of whatever thickness seems appropriate for the night.

but today i was all full of energy and actually dusted the bedroom, fluffed the featherbed and turned the mattress. quite a project.

and i didn't really mean to tell you all this, except that it will be good to fold myself in clean sheets. the night is cool and i will be able to sleep the way i like: under a down comforter and two blankets besides.

but this is the important thing: when i lie in bed on a clear night, i can see stars.

"the wheel keeps on turning, the stars reel and spin
they don't miss a step in their ages old dance
they yield up the sky when the day rushes in,
but they'd keep on going if they had the chance.

i will sing to you softly, stand watch while you dream
good night, go to sleep, you are loved."


skipper said...

Those clean sheets must have felt delicious! I know we always love our clean sheets once a week. If I had energy enough, I'd do every day.
Now, for your ending verse--I know now the origin having listened to your spectacular CD you gave me last Spring. F. didn't get the stories because 1-he doesn't know you and 2-fortunately he's never had to be on the psych wards. However, I roared and felt sad too. Wish you'd been there when I was because I was the one visiting everyone and finally got told to leave someone alone though only trying to cheer up the person. But then I wasn't myself although I thought I was but knew something was dreadfully wrong. Thank you loads for this gift you have shared with me. F. did really enjoy your wide range of singing as I revelled in the soaring of your psyche as you performed. The one about the fish is so hilarious. I've never been with people who cut up like you have and had such adventures as you do. I don't have enough words of comfort to reach you for the previous story of the race. I can only tell you that Bob and I love you for who you are.
Thank you for writing your tales. You are indeed a born story teller but yours are currently from deep inside your being. Nighty night. 10:18 pm

Anonymous said...

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