Friday, January 29, 2010

afternoon in my kitchen

i have a friend coming for dinner for the first time in a long time, so i thought i'd whip a little something up.

so i decided to make a little thing with choux paste. have you ever worked with choux paste? i don't own an electric mixer (i'm very retro), so i have to do all that work by hand.

 here's the dough in the double boiler.

 on the sheet

in the oven

  on the rack; handsome little devils.

what's going to go in them is a nice crème patisserie, with a center of spiced raisins slow simmered in maple syrup.

spiced raisins simmering

 i don't know about how you do things, but i separate eggs by hand.

 the milk gets scalded


and the eggs and sugar and such get cooked in the double-boiler

 everything gets put together and stirred

 and then set to cool.

 the tops get cut off

and carefully, gently, you take the extra stuff out of the middles.

i go right ahead and eat it.

and then a bottom layer of pastry cream goes in

followed by a few of those raisins.

see how nice and sticky they are?

  and then some more of the pudding, almost to the top.

a little whipped cream, and...
we're done!

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