Friday, January 01, 2010

happy new year!

here's my hat; my other hat.

i went to first night burlington last night, which i always like to do. last year of course i'd nearly frozen to death the week before and had to stay home, but aside from the church service (stunningly beautiful) and the fireworks (provincial), i just love to walk up and down the streets.

you have to understand that i have the full rack of first night buttons, which this year total twenty-seven. i wear them on a scarf draped around my neck, like a stole, almost. people stop me on the streets to take my picture.

last night i was also giving out copies of my Christmas album to random strangers, which is kind of fun. it isn't really an anonymous generosity because there i am in the flesh, but there's no contact information on it, so they couldn't write to tell me about it if they wanted to. it's just a surprise moment of good humor and random gift-giving.

there ought to be more of that in this world; it brightens up the place.

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Anonymous said...

It is obvious, you were not mistaken


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