Friday, January 08, 2010

thirteen hours

twenty some-odd years ago i did a photo project for which i took a picture wherever i was at five-eighteen in the afternoon, a randomly selected time. it was kind of an interesting year, but an ambitious project, and a nightmare of documentation.

of course back in the day i was shooting with a beautiful old canon AE-1 and since it was my primary camera, a lot of stuff went on those rolls that weren't related to the project, so there was a lot of notetaking and sorting and let's just say that digital photography has changed things a lot.

i decided then that if i ever again did a similar project, i'd have a better catalogue system, and rotate the hours. it's the kind of project you think about for a while and then start on 1 january of some future year, you know?

so december was winding down and i thought: why not this year?

i chose the interval of thirteen hours because it's easy enough to keep track of, and takes a pretty fast clip in its procession around the clock, which i thought would be interesting.

but more than that, i settled on the interval of thirteen hours because last fall i was having mood swings that often, and that's uncomfortable. what does my life really look like every thirteen hours? since i'm kind of a creature of habit, some of the shots are going to be predictable. for instance, my next shot is at 1400 today, and i pretty much already know i'll be out front, digging.

the first week is complete, though, and although i haven't decided what i'm going to do with all the photos (762 when all is said and done and shot), i've posted the first week here.

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