Wednesday, April 27, 2011

planetary motion


today i went for my first bike ride of the season because a) i need the exercise and b)it is insanely warm out today; some weirdo temperature above eighty degrees, and i gotta tell ya: we have a lot of days in JULY that it never gets to eighty degrees.

i wrote up a truckload of geocaching logs and that takes time.

but you know how i keep threatening to pull the stuff out of the files and process it so i can show it to you? well, i finally got to one of those today, too.

last may while i was up in aroostock county i saw they have a really big scale model of the solar system, which turns out to be the world's largest such model, with a diameter of forty miles.

now, i am nothing if not nerdy, and i put it on my list of things i want to do while i'm up here. not as an oh-by-the-way; as a full-blown intentional activity.

so i took the time to assemble my photos and make a little album for you to look at, along with some handy links i discovered along the way:

UMPI solar system model homepage
astro guyz

and astroguys youtube videos about it:

part one trailer/teaser

part two

part three

part four

and the outtake reel! woot!

1 comment:

mybabyjohn said...

That was really informative. They went to an awful lot of work to creat the solar system, not to mention putting the video together.


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