Thursday, April 28, 2011

yeah, had to.

today i had to make mascarpone brownies. well, what was i going to do with a half container of mascarpone cheese? for what you pay for that stuff, you can't use half of it and let the rest go to waste, and the fabulous brownies freeze well, so there it is then.

i also made some ice cream.

and an experimental ginger ale, double lemony and infuse with lavender. we'll see how that goes.

and i'm making salt lox, but today i only turned it over. it'll pretty much make itself and be ready saturday.

but that ice cream... dulce de leche flavor. i just go right ahead and ignore safety suggestions and make mine on the stove. and then i put take my dulce de leche, dilute it with two cups of milk and heat it until the caramel dissolves and then i blend it until it's smooth and refrigetate it until it's cold. then i toss it in the tank of my ice cream freezer with a cup of heavy cream and let it do its thing.

it takes a while to do it, but it's super easy and oh. my. good.

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