Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cleanup in aisle five

i actually have things to do besides play games, but i'm kind of tidying up some things and if i close the tabs without telling you about them, i'll never find them again, and let's face it: i just do not have the kind of dscipline to keep these things open on my desktop and still write any geocaching logs, nevermind produce any new work or even get it together to go downstairs and make more delicious treats to tell you about later, or wrap cr's birthday present, or toss in the laundry, or even think about whether i will go to nova scotia or central new york when may rolls around, which is mighty soon.

so in the interests of not having all these fun little distractions open on MY desk, i'm just going to drop them into YOUR lap and remind you that as i write them, i always update the "online toys and tools" page over on your right.

so... what do i have for you today?

well, to start with, music you can download for free! it's a cigar box tribute to blind willie johnson! and did i mention that you can download it for free?  what's there not to love about this?

and there's this handy reference tool that will tell you how to pronounce things. while we're on the topic of HOW to say things, we might as well also talk about what not to say, and how to unsuck it in case you slip.

the REAL reason i need to write this post is to get this game closed and off my desktop, because i keep thinking i'll "just play one more".  consider yourself warned.

whew. glad THAT'S over with. but while we're on the topic of charming little games you can't quit, you might as well have a look at magic pen which is only slightly misnamed because it works with flash and not with magic, and your tool of choice is a crayon, not a pen. outside of these two flaws, it is really charming and engaging and if i don't close THAT tab soon, i may never get out of this chair.

and let's face it: you NEED the museum of online museums. you just do. and as long as we're in museum mode, go look at this thing. a person could get lost.

there are some other things on my list to try out before i bring them to you (or not), but for now i'll just leave you with this collection of science based songs that i can't resist just because the article is named "rock out with your erlenmeyer flask out" which just makes me happy.


ok, that's it for today.

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Anonymous said...

The magic pen is lots of fun. Addictive too.


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