Saturday, July 30, 2011

return to my usual programming

wow, that was some week.

somehow i managed to get signed on as the head instructor for the essex rec department's week-long geocaching day camp. i am still a little fuzzy as to how that happened, but it did.

if you are interested in seeing my online materials for that, you may find them here.

without crashco i think i would have been dead in the water, but with him i think it went all right. i have all my experience in education and all that to draw from, but when it comes to putting all the containers and clues and such out in the field, it becomes a mighty big job for one person.

with many of the other camps you can just take all the kids outside to play a game and one adult is sufficient oversight, but geocaching done properly means a lot of wandering around in the woods and if you need to keep track of twelve middle school kids, three adults is just about right.

anyway, today was my first day back to "normal", and i have celebrated by catching up in the reading of the blogs i read, doing some light housework including laundry and cleaning the upstairs bathroom and washing the windows (inside and out) in the front room as well as organizing and clocking the january 2011 photos from the thirteen project, and editing them into video.

normally doing a month of thirteen photos takes me three days if i don't dawdle, but i guess i'm just on fire today, nevermind that last night i celebrated the end of the week by making split pea soup, zucchini bread, a batch of ginger ale, and a new experimental lavender-rosemary cooler that i hope will be light and refreshing.

now if you'll excuse me, i have to go make a different zucchini bread and maybe some more soup or maybe some cookies or something.

and i have to call my chicken guy because i'm out of eggs.


Nancy said...

Geocaching camp sounds like fun. I really miss caching in Vermont. I don't know if I told you but last summer we thought we were moving back home. Didn't happen.

How do you make ginger ale? Have posted about that before? Sounds interesting!

flask said...

nancy, i've decided to start a sidebar page with the recipes i'm using.

i mostly just use the ginger ale recipe for reference and make up a lot of it as i go along.

right now i'm making a ginger ale with the zest of the lemon included, and the lavender-rosemary cooler leaves out the ginger and substitutes a tablespoon or so of dried lavender (food grade!) and a sprig or two of fresh rosemary.


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