Thursday, July 21, 2011


i don't care how hot it is during the day.

really,  i don't. over a hundred degrees? awesome day for a road bike ride.

but it's nighttime and i want to sleep, you know?

i wouldn't bother to mention it, except  that there's an interesting little temperature thing going on here:

if i walk out my front door it's just about as beastly hot outside as it is inside, but here at my desk only one floor up and on the same side of the building what's coming through the window feels like a cool breeze. there is some difference between the upstairs temperature and the downstairs temperature, but not enough i don't think to account for the difference.

in the basement, however, it's about twenty degrees cooler, so i'll be sleeping down there.

overnight the temperatures are supposed to fall into the low 60s so it will give the rest of the house a little chance to cool before i shut it all up in the morning starting on the sunny side of the house and then all the way around when the outside temperature draws near the inside temperature and of course as the evening cools i go through the reverse process, testing every window and door and opening everything where it's cooler outside.

yes, i have considered a/c.

...for about ten minutes.

what? i should get a/c for the three days a year it's above 50 degrees here at night?

i don't think so.

i don't even bother most days to wear short sleeves, let alone shorts. today called for short sleeves, but still long pants.  as far as i'm concerned, if it's july and i can wear turtlenecks, i'm happy. if there's a light frost on the grass in early august i am ecstatic.

wednesday night my friends and i were laughing about our definition of what constitutes "the south": bennington and brattleboro counties.

and beyond that, you might as well be at the equator.


Anonymous said...

I keep trying to tell my family of complainers that the weather shouldn't enter into whether or not it's a good day. You're alive, it's a day, therefore a good one.

flask said...


i'm alive? is that supposed to be some sort of consolation prize?

i didn't want to be alive anyway and now i'm not just alive but uncomfortable.


if only i'd know that each day of suffering is a good one just because i haven't yet suceeeded in killing myself, i'd have been all better.

Anonymous said...

It's only my opinion...not intended to apply to everyone.... If I have offended you in any way by expressing my view of how to deal with the weather then I am truly sorry.

flask said...

just making the point that suicidal people are not at all cheered up by being told that any day you're alive is a good one.

any day you're alive is just one more day in hell.


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