Monday, July 18, 2011

time off

ok, so i took five weeks off.

if you really wanted to follow what i was writing, you could have been reading my geocaching logs, which are now all caught up. it's kind of like blogging, except that each entry is attached to a place i went and tells part of the story of a day. most of my logs also include pictures, many of which i post to panoramio, and many of those get onto google earth.

speaking of google earth, i also did a little map project with that about our two days playing geocache battleship.

View battleship! in a larger map

i also made a little tour in google earth, which you can download as .kmz here and play for yourself.

tuesdays and wednesdays i still go out and run a 5k trail run and mountain bike race, respectively, and i still go out and play disc golf a couple of times a week.

in other news, i made a  new ice cream flavor that's kind of complicated but very good. i call it "hot chocolate".  basically it's a very chocolate ice cream with arbol peppers and cinnamon. it's complicated because in order for the custard to hold as much chocolate as it does, you have to melt the chocolate in the milk and temper it. in order to get the pepper taste in there properly, you have to slow simmer the peppers and cinnamon and other spices in scalded milk. and in order to carry all that chocolate, you have to use egg yolks, which have to be tempered as well. then the whole thing has to be combined cooled and after it cools you have to run the combined custard through the blender because some of the chocolate will have precipitated.

THEN you can add the cream and toss it in the ice cream maker.

it's time consuming, but very, very good.

 the thing about it, though, is that it is so smooth going down you don't even hardly notice the peppers until you have already swallowed it, so if you don't enjoy a stealth kick, you ought to be careful. and for heaven's sake don't get any in your eyes when you're busy licking the bowl.

oh, and i wrote a new song.

outside of all that, though, things haven't been going so well for me and i just didn't want to write to you about that. it's bad enough that i have to know about it without depressing you, too.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

glad to see you're back.
I have an ice cream maker and have had no success. Yours always sound so yummy. I am convinced I have to move to Vermont where all good ice cream seems to be from. Is it the cows? :-)

flask said...

peg, if you're talking about ben and jerry's, don't bother. they USED to be special, but now they're just another expensive premium ice cream made by a multinational corporation.

they're just another unilever brand now.

Anonymous said...'re back!! Looks like you have been keeping busy. Geocaching, running, biking, about taking advantage of summer. Spicy icecream? Now there's a head scratcher for you. Besides all that, I'm sorry to hear you have been having some rough patches. You know, you don't depress us when you share the nasty stuff and it just might help a bit. Maybe. You never know. Anyhooo...welcome back.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

yes I knew that about B&J but I still think their ice cream is some of the best. Ben is still on the board btw. I get his newsletters (policial based)


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