Wednesday, February 03, 2016

after iowa

did you watch the iowa caucus?

did you watch the shape shifter hillary put the crown on her own head and then call herself a progressive? did you hear her spin the sanders campaign as a "welcome debate"? after she and debbie wasserman schultz tried to bury sanders with saturday night debates nobody watches?

this is what i like about secretary clinton: a vote for secretary clinton will be a vote for keeping things pretty much how they are, as long as women's rights or gay rights or affordable healthcare don't get in the way of what her huge and corrupt donors want.

the shape shifter will say anything, do anything to be president, because of course she is entitled to be president. she is a candidatezilla.

you look at her record. you look to see who is paying her bills. you look to see who she really supports consistently. secretary clinton is part of the problem. she will very happily part all of us from our money (she is a wholly owned subsidiary of golman sachs), from our civil liberties (she's in favor of more domestic surveillance), and from our lives (she voted FOR the obscene never ending war).

of course, if you vote for any republican, you are voting for your own impoverishment and the dismantling of any rights or liberties you might have left.

this is why we need senator sanders.


go look at this. you probably need a laugh.

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