Thursday, February 11, 2016


ok, so i am spending a lot of time fronching.

do you not know this verb?

of course you do not know this verb. it is a verb some friends of mine made up. it means "to study french" we have also declared it to be a verb IN french, and we have maybe decided it is a regular verb: froncher. it still means "to study french".

we should probably check to see if french already has a verb "froncher" and if we have simply appropriated it and repurposed it.

uh, anyway. i am using both the living language series from penguin random house and duolingo.

duolingo is like crack, and it seems to be trying to prepare you for your inevitable breakup with your new francophone partner, because it teaches you to say things like tu n'a pas jamais le temps pour les choses importantes, which COULD be a really useful phrase, but if it is your life is probably taking a turn for the worse.


the thing about duolingo is that is is built on the premise that you need to come back every day to practice, and it will send you back to practice specific lessons that it has decided you have not practiced recently enough.

when you have a lesson learned and also updated, its little icon is gold.

...which brings me to their choice of icons. their icon for all lessons to do with adverbs is a lizard. ok, maybe it is a chameleon. fine. cute.

but their icon for household things is A TOILET.

yep, a toilet.

because home is where you take a dump?


my toilet is shiny and golden.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Reminds me of the scene in the John Cusack movie "Better Off Dead," where his mother hosts a dinner for a French exchange student and proudly announces, "We're having FRONCH toast and FRONCH fries and FRONCH dressing . . ." That's exactly how she pronounced "french."

If Duolingo is the same program A. used for Spanish--it sounds familiar--then many hilarious minutes were spent on my part listening to him get more and more agitated as he attempted to do the verbal part, only to have the computer reject his accent over and over. Eventually, he was yelling at the computer. This didn't help his accent. Eventually he had to stop because it was bad for his nerves.

Zhoen said...

My own little toilet, in my own little house...

When I was in Basic, I got very stopped up because I couldn't be alone to take a dump. I have fond memories of a clean port-a-potty on the night fire course, where I could be enclosed in a clean place all by myself. Ah, blissful relief.

Zhoen said...

Well, a good toilet is key to a functional home, I think. When the bog don't work, don't nothing work.


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