Monday, February 22, 2016


i have a small amount of anxiety about meeting people because i am afraid they will crush my hand.

culturally we size people up by their handshakes. and what you maybe don't notice is that we size people up a little before the handshake, and try to assess how strongly we should grip.

some people have a dead fish grip anyway, but most people want to give you what you will consider to be a nice firm grip.

and since i look like a fairly robust person, nearly every first time handshake i receive is excruciatingly painful.

i have two appendages that hurt like hell when squeezed: my left foot and my right hand.

and i never want to have the first impression i make on a new person to be "ooh, careful. don't hurt me!"

if you look at my hand, you can see the shortened finger from where i broke it some years ago. arthritis is not improving my enjoyment of that.

yep. it was the third finger on my right hand. and the breaking of THAT finger makes my pinkie functionally longer, so it curves in.

if you squeeze it, it hurts.

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