Monday, February 08, 2016


you know what will wear you right out?

a brownie troop.

ok, to be fair, a lot of what wore me out was the two days of prep work for my visit to the brownie troop, and then the having to be running around all the time  from group to group because there's one specialist (me) and several groups of girls with accompanying adults and that is a LOT of running around.

it is kind of awesome, though, to see the moment where a kid starts got get a concept, or when she sees a thing that was right in front of her and it WAS invisible and now -BAM- it's big as day.

it was also interesting to see that i do not yet have cred with the brownies and have to earn my way. back in the day i had MAD classroom management skills but part of that comes from your established reputation.

i mean, brownies are polite because it's a thing they do and you are an invited guest there to teach a thing they want to learn. but ya, you do not yet have established herd control because they don't know you.

anyway, a good time was had by all. i think. the girls seemed to like the activities. i had a good time.

and now i need to rest for a few days.

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

That's how I feel after dealing with multiple children. Unfortunately, I do it every day with my own kids and don't get the days to rest after. I would not be a good teacher.


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