Saturday, November 05, 2016

amenities of modern life

thursday afternoon we had a thing that was not really a storm, but it carried sporadic strong wind gusts.

starting about 6:30 i as without electricity. which also means no heat and no water.

ok, so no shower, even though i had skipped a day and really needed one.

and then yesterday afternoon i was suddenly without water.

apparently the electrical line to our pumphouse was fried and both our well guy and our electrician need to tend to it, and our electrician is not available so MAYBE if we can get someone else to do it today we MIGHT have water by tonight.

last night i bathed respectably well in my tub with jug water i heated up in the kitchen.

occasionally i get confused and cannot remember whether is is the water or the electricity that is out.

fo instance i go into a room and don't turn on a light because i forget it's the water and not the power.

in other news, i got my first solid nights sleep last night and had completely unremarkable dreams about normal things.

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