Wednesday, November 23, 2016

librarian lottery

i have menu fatigue.

it's hard for me to decide what to have for dinner and also what to read from the library.

so i like to play librarian lottery, which is a totally awesome game if your librarian doesn't mind.

the rules are simple:

1) go to your library and ask the librarian to choose a book or two for you to read. if you have any special needs (like no scary stories about murders that happen on camping trips because i'm going to read this in the dark while camping) you should state them NOW.

2) you have to be happy with whatever they give you. this doesn't mean you have to love or even like every book, but you have to give them an open-minded try and you don't get to feel grumpy about the choices. you have EYES. you can read flyleaf blurbs. you're asking your librarian to surprise you, so you have abdicated your right to be fussy.

3) read the books. then when you return them, remember to tell the librarian how much you liked the game, even if you did not love the books.

this year while playing librarian lottery i read some books i loved completely and that i never would have found on my own, some of which led me to other books i also loved.

i also read some books that i enjoyed but didn't love.

the one book i couldn't finish, i couldn't finish simply because i needed something funnier and easier to read. i would probably like the book at another, easier time.

later on i will be reporting back to you about some of the big winners.

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

Our library has Librarian Favorites shelves, which I always check out at least.

Really enjoying Ngaio Marsh's mysteries these days.


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