Thursday, November 17, 2016

pottery bar

ok, so i have to run an errand for my mom at the other end of the res and i paddled down there and there was a nice square chunk of clay that had fallen in the water from one of the clay banks.

so i picked it up and put it on my bow and then i went up to a sand bank and got the finest sand i could find to wedge it with.

and then i spent a week making some little primitive pots. they are not fancy, but once again, i am learning skills.

and i spent some time stone burnishing them, and i let them dry out on the rock, bringing them in under tarps at night.

and while i waited, i cut and piled firewood. you need a lot of firewood to fire pots in a pit kiln.

i rebuilt the fireplace on site 13. i laid in a base of wood on the bottom. i covered it with a bucket load of an invasive water plant i had pulled up. i packed my little pots with it and with pine needles and such. i buried and packed them and laid my fire on top of them.

and then i lit that fire and kept it hot all day.

the hard part was letting the pit cool down the next day, and the day after.

because you can't take those pots out of there until they're cool.

the pottery bar

first day fire
second day coals


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Love this. Well done.

Zhoen said...

I love pots!


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