Monday, December 24, 2012


today i went out for  few minutes and i was on brown's trace road in jericho and two little girls started jumping up and down with their cardboard signs.


they said.

no reason given. just


so i did. and a lot of other drivers did, too. and with each honk the little girls jumped up and down and cheered and waved.


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GDad said...

I suspect they were delighting in the power they were exerting over adults.

There were some lads with some sort of similar sign a few years back that I passed on the road. I stopped and turned around to address the boys. When I rolled down my window and summoned them, they looked a bit frightened, but they came over. I told them, "Perhaps you should use a thicker black marker. It was hard to read your sign." They were pleased that an adult was playing along.


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