Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ilmenskie mines

oddly, i have had a request to post the lyrics to the song ilmenskie miners, so here's a post that writes itself. i am now off the hook for deciding what to write about today.

just so nobody has to go back and search, a while ago i made a post about writing this song and then later on i made a post about making a video of it and to save you time if you just want the music or just want the video,  here are the links:

music at soundcloud
youtube video

and here is what the person making the request actually asked for: the lyrics.

i'll go down, down, down
down beneath the ground
where the bright groddle sun never shines
give me one last kiss and i'll teleport to bliss
i'll be breaking sparkly in the mines.

down in dark ilmenskie picks ring out like bells
from the cavern entrance to subarna spells

down in dark ilmenskie, way down in the deeps
where it's always blasted night and no one ever sleeps

and while we're at it, here's some video of the ilmenskie mines with its ingame music.


Riceball said...

Thanks for sharing, it's lovely! =) (from the person who made the request)

Riceball said...

Thanks for sharing this, it's lovely! (from the person who made the request)

lizzard said...

I miss the secret cave bits of Ilmenskie. It was beautiful and creepy down there.


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