Monday, December 17, 2012

last visit to the stoot shrine

the first time i went there, i found the secret passage because i could see other glitches disappearing from the screen. and when i started looking, i found the place. it wasn't easy to get to; down the hidden ladder, across the secret passage and then at the dark end spinach jump let and hit enter.

but when you got there, you were in a room nearly certainly put into the game as a joke by the developers, a room with a shrine in it to the company president, and it was funny and affectionate.

and weird.

in the last few hours i went to the stoot shrine to pay my respects there for the last time, the way one might do if one were speaking privately to the creator of the world, which is sort of how stoot functioned in our little toon world and who he was to our little toon selves.

and when i got done with my last visit there, i said in global chat that i had been there and it turned out that the place was more secret than i had thought. even some older players had never found it or never thought it was actually there and i got a lot of messages from people  asking me to take them there.

there are no secrets anymore.

well, you can't teleport in, but you can telepot to near the entrance, so for the better part of an hour i guided people in, but did not go in again myself.

a last visit is a last visit.

and you, dear readers, half of you i know are about ready for me to be done posting about a world you were never in and never cared about, but the other half are kind of homesick for that world and i hope you will be patient.

i have a lot of other stuff on my desk to tell you, but i have a HUGE pile of glitch archive and right now there are a number of people homesick for that toon world and enjoy the memories.

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