Monday, December 03, 2012

these things write themselves

there's a pattern to the traffic of spam comments. i like to read them as part of an exercise in which i read the spam comment in the context of the post to which it attached, and pretend it is part of an actual conversation.

i was going to write a little post on that and i'm sure i will later but yesterday i got this really excellent spam comment and i just want to post it  in its entirety, only without any of their links.

i don't think i could make this stuff up if i tried.

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GDad said...

I've seen some comments that seem to be passages from old books. I don't know what the point is.

Rogerdodger said...

Hello, flask. I like your blog, it makes me smile.

My guess is that the spam uses an algorithm that uses phrasing to sound like english, and crams as many keywords in there as possible. So if you are doing a google search, or even a comment search using keywords, these weird spam messages will come up.

i'm not sure how that increases traffic to whatever the spam is hawking, however.


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