Sunday, December 16, 2012

the missing ink: notes from the glitch diaspora

i have been having a look at the missing ink, an adventure game that is still in alpha.

because it's in alpha, i have to temper my ideas of it, knowing that its functionality is only rudimentary and that the game may go other places.

it was hard to get into, with a LOT of connection errors and stuff.

the graphics are amusing and the soundtrack is promising,  but if there's an easy way to navigate the world, i haven't seen it.

still: alpha. so who knows?

i played it yesterday for a while and finally got into an area of the game that functions more or less and it would be kind of cute except the whole game seems to be predicated on "go here; kill things."

in games i've no objection to killing things in order to solve a puzzle or open an area, or maybe even if there's some plot-related concept behind killing things, but this one at this point is just a collection of "here's your task. kill five of these things and report back."

it doesn't matter to me if the graphics are cute if that's all there is to it.

i'll keep an eye on it to see it it does anything interesting when it hits beta.

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