Thursday, March 28, 2013

cautionary tale

well, now the supreme court has finished hearing all the arguments about gay marriage and i just want to remind them that the very fabric of civilization is at stake.

gay marriages have been legal in canada since 2005, and in that time all of canadian society has broken down. the family has fallen apart, children no longer know who their parents are, heterosexual couples are no longer valued, and violent crime and all manner of vices have had unprecedented gains.

canadian society has collapsed and ottawa lies in smoldering ruins.

canadians can no longer live in peace, hold jobs, or worship freely.

our supreme court would be well advised to look at the catastrophic fall of the canadian social structures  and be sure to protect and defend the US from any such a thing happening here.


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Yeah, I'm sure its a bleak meaningless socialist existence ya'll are leading up there!
hey Flask!


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