Friday, March 01, 2013

the forehorsemen of the apocalypse

they just made the announcement this week that they're closing down the glitch forums and locking the wardrobes and mail and such, and it's kind of stunning that they kept any of it alive after the shutdown, but they did.

and even after this shutdown they'll be leaving the encyclopedias and the character pages up and statice, so we all have to decide now in which outfit we want to be buried.

it's sweet of them, really to keep the record of the world online at all for us all to look at. it really was that special.

in a forum thread one of the developers said they had wanted to do something great. i responded, in part:

you reached me by accident. i thought: another game? meh. and i left my invitation to play in my inbox unopened for months. and then i went in just to look around because i had time to kill. 

and i fell full on in love with it. i dreamed glitch dreams and i lived in groddle meadow. i really lived there as much as i have ever lived in any physical place and i am so homesick for it that i still cry.
you guys created a thing of astounding beauty and depth and it was great. [...]
the exiles will never be able to go home, but we once roamed a place called ur. we once lived as giant dreams. we once lived lives of surprise and delight and did amazing feats and we were great.
you wanted to do a great thing, and you did.

 the fact that it did not last forever did not make it less great.

near the end of the world, we saw this announcement in the blog and on the forum:

The Forehorseman has appeared on 6 streets around Ur, announcing that the end is neigh. It must be true. :(

if there ever was a better way to combine whimsy and sorrow, i have not seen it.

and because i'm still processing the photos and videos of my time in that world, here is some screenvid of the forehorseman.

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