Sunday, March 03, 2013

two things about government

hey, everybody who'd delighted with how things are going with the government, raise your hand.


i thought so.

anyway, i'm not ready to show you my next cute video from glitch or pictures from the mountain or tell you yet about yesterday's awesome adventure so i'm going to drop these on you:

C.G.P. Grey explains the debt limit. watching this should be mandatory for every US citizen because quite frankly what the guys in government are feeding the news media who in turn are feeding us is not a whole lot like the truth.

but in case you want to be vigilant and actually LOOK at what's going on in your state government, there is an awesome site called open states that aggregates information from government transparency sites to you don't have to search every last thing. it's very handy to have all that information in one place, which is kind of the point of the site. some states make the information available but difficult to find or keep track of because governments LOVE to call themselves transparent, but they don't love so much making it easy for you to find whatever they post.

"hey, we put all the information online!" agencies may cry. "it's not OUR fault if people can't find it easily or track it."

well, openstates can help you with that.

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