Tuesday, March 19, 2013

rook attack

yes, yes, i know. it's a lot of postings about a thing that ended nearly a hundred days ago.

the thing about it is that just because it's over doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful, and the exiles still really miss our beautiful world.

and if i process vids to post them, that's what i've done today and what i'm thinking about.

so anyway, by way of explanation (that none of the exiles needs), our world of Ur was attacked sometimes by rooks. and we had to go fight them with our imaginations and focusing orbs and we had to use teamwork to do it.

it was a game mechanic that evolved over the course of the game, and while it had some great potential for development, there really wasn't any consequence to not fighting the rooks when they came.

back in the day when the devs were testing rook attacks heavily and they were also releasing new streets, i was at what i like to call "the battle of saker mank".  i may be wrong because it happened so quickly, but i am pretty sure that the original art for scaup low and saker mank did not include stumps and fallen trees.

when the rook came to the street, it did some damage. and the fighting spread to scaup low. and glitches died in the field, and trees were destroyed.

THAT, my young glitchen, was a rook battle.

scaup low

back in the day.

and then for a while rook battles happened on a schedule that was predictable enough someone had drawn up a little spreadsheet.

i kept saying (since i am a troublemaker) that none of us should fight the rooks when they came, just to see what would (or wouldn't) happen.

you know, for science.

so near the very end i was minding my own business in gopra byle and rooks started flying. so i just started recording screenvid. and then when glitchen came to fight it, i just stood and recorded.

because end days.

important for us later just to remember what it looked like.


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