Thursday, December 11, 2014

fell in

the storm started tuesday afternoon. in terms of massiveness of snow, it's not much to look at, but it's crossed over between snow and sleet and rain almost as many times as there are hours and the road crews are behind and the power crews are working 24 hour shifts and while i have power, there are areas hard hit to my north and to my south.

i want to live in a world where power crews working emergency shifts are brought fresh cookies or hot burritos or something, and if you wan to live in that kind of a world, sometimes you have to create it.

so this morning i wrote to the support address at my electric company -isn't it interesting that they have someone a manager at a desk at four in the morning?-

hey, hi! it's been a long night for your crews and it's going to be a longer day.
can you tell me where a crew will be working near my home so i can maybe bring them fresh cookies or a hot burrito or something?
(...)your crews are always out in the worst of it, keeping us warm and safe.
i have power, but many of my neighbors (if we define neighbors loosely) don't.
today i'm baking things, but i'm looking out the window and i see snow and more snow coming down and trees leaning and i'm guessing "fell in" is going to get written a lot more times as the day goes on.
later in the day the nice lady will write to me and tell me where i can drop off some hot food.

maybe i will make a casserole or something.

"fell in", by the way, is the thing the workmen write on the report to indicate why the lines are down.

the weight of heavy snow causes them to collapse.

the member service manager wrote back:

Unfortunately, I think you are correct. New outages will continue to be called in and there will be members who have had their power restored only to have it go back out again! We really appreciate our Member’s support during these types of events; you have brightened my morning! I will email you in a short while to provide you with info.

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Cookie said...

Those are gonna be some very lucky guys/(possible token girl) today! :)


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