Wednesday, December 31, 2014

old and new

my grandmother died yesterday afternoon.

she was very old and it was a good time for her to go, but we will miss her and we are sad.

meantime we are still going out for new year's eve, because it will be beautiful and life goes on.

i will meet up with my family at one of the concerts and we will hug and cry a little and say that we love each other and we will watch with no small affection the party going on around us.

new year's eve is a dark kind of party anyway; with the deep cold of long winter nights, the death of the old year, and the small bright hope for our futures.

i will be wearing my famous hat and scarf.

and in the meantime, here's today's download for you.

be well, my friends.

may your sorrows pass with the old year, and may your joys increase in the new.


Virgil T. Morant said...

Nice musical arrangement. I also rather enjoyed listening to "fum, fum, fum."

Sorry about your grandmother. Your words do a nice job of reflecting the transience of the seasons and of life. Nice post. Best wishes for a happy new year to you.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

A friend of mine referred to these sorts of deaths as "sad, but not tragic."

Still sad, though.

Enjoy the festivities, and happy new year.

Cookie said...

oh, flask. love and heartfelt condolences from my home to yours. your post is an eloquent expression of this dark and mysterious experience that captures us all unaware, even in the face of its very occurrence. may the new year bring you a renewed sense of peace and wonder.


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