Wednesday, December 24, 2014

il est né, le divin enfant

this will be available for download until 6 january.

today's selection is in honor of a friend of ours.

this friend moved to vancouver to look for a job because she loves vancouver and wants to live there.

but after many months she was unable to land any kind of job at all, ran out of money, and had to go home to her parents, who live in florida.

she put a brave face on it, saying at least she would be with her family for réveillon, which, if you do not want to look it up, is the traditional celebration of christmas eve by many french speaking populations and our friend is quebecois.

her flight out of vancouver (the city she loves) was to have been monday morning.

but sunday night her passport was missing., and the best she can do to get home is 5 january, so alone and broke in the city she loves, unable to go home to the family she loves.

that is so many kinds of suck.

but there is a group of us, we friends. we did the math and we realized that if we each pitch in ten dollars we can send our friend out to a very swanky christmas dinner. we can't take all the suck out of it, but we can make a little magic.

we have reservations at EBO.

that's my christmas story.

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