Wednesday, December 07, 2016

let's go shopping

today is my birthday. here, more or less, if a conversation i had with MB.

me: i'm not sure how old i am, and i don't feel like doing simple subtraction.
MB: You're 51, aren't you? Which is prime, I'm pretty sure. Oh, wait. 13 x 7. Well, its only factors are two primes. Which is pretty cool. And you'll always be prime to me. Math is not my strong suit in the morning (or maybe at all)*
me: i don't think i'm 51. i was born in '64.
MB: 17 x 3, not 13 x 7.
me: is confused
MB: 52. Weird. I thought you were 50 last year. But apparently you were 51. I used a calculator, since math is hard. Let's go shopping!
me: no, i'd have remembered a biggie. or even the year after. but then i'm like, was that two years ago, or three?
MB: it was 2 years ago. And i love you
me: i love you too. a lot.
MB: All the lots. Including ocelots!
me: i love you ocelot?
MB: Yes!! The lack of a comma is important.
me: i love you, ocelot.

*MB is the kind of person who understands complex math concepts, and knows how the quadratic equation is derived, even though she can never remember it. so if she needs it, she just derives it in the margin of whatever she's doing. me, i consider myself to be doing well to know that there is a thing called the quadratic equation and leave it at that.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Happy birthday! Age is just a number, they say. So which number is obviously unimportant.

Zhoen said...

Happy! Just remember, don't drink and derive.

I have to figure out my age when I want to know it, which really isn't more than once a year or so. 54, btw.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am math illiterate but Happy Birthday you young thang.


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