Saturday, December 10, 2016

the 20th century: i am done with it.

last night i celebrated my birthday with my family. it is our custom to celebrate birthdays on an evening of the nearest weekend, and i always prefer weekend after. it feels like a letdown to celebrate the week before and then have a plain day of, but like added festivities to have a quiet day of but a celebration later.

i spent the day with my mom; yesterday was my day of GETTING A NEW SMARTPHONE OMG OMG i am so excited because now i have finally caught up to the twentieth century, nevermind that we are nearly seventeen years past it.

anyway, i don't have the kind of money to run a data plan for one, but then last spring we realized that if i simply get on my stepmother's family plan and pay her the difference, i DO have the money and even save some. ok, a lot.

phone plans for single people are expensive. family plans become downright affordable.

and also because my mom has a half heated garage, i asked if i could come vacuum out my car. this was an item of much merriment later at dinner, since my mom's idea of quality family time with you is cleaning out your car or your closets or whatever and when we told my sister what we had done, spike said "but it's YOUR birthday, not hers" which sort of gives you the level of the joke.

and then my mom and i went shopping FOR CAMPING GEAR, which you KNOW is like my favorite thing and THEN we all met for dinner at the restaurant we always go to for my birthday.

which means i ate dinner late, i was up late, and i did a lot of things.

oh, what a head.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sounds like a good day. Enjoy that phone!

Zhoen said...

Being with the folks you love, best sort of birthday.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Sounds perfect. Vacuuming out of the car (or rather, having a clean car after) is a much underrated pleasure.

I was forced into getting a smartphone this year when my Tracfone from Wal-Mart that I got 6 years ago was rendered obsolete by the phasing out of 2G towers. Or something. So Tracfone gave me a new phone, which I activated for something like 79 dollars, and that includes like 400 minutes of talk time plus some data and text stuff, which I don't even understand (works for me because I keep it in my car only for emergencies).

Anyway, point is, it's possible to get a smartphone without a lot of expense, if you're willing to have the phone that is literally used by drug dealers because it isn't traceable. According to my dad, anyway, who was very amused by the fact that I have a smartphone courtesy of Tracfone.


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