Saturday, December 24, 2016

white christmas

i do not really need this map to tell me whether or not i am likely to have a white christmas.

interactive white christmas probability map

i pretty much look out the window.

if it gets very warm today in some freak meteorological event, i suppose all my snow will melt.

it's funny how i just have no instinct for that whole "will there be a white christmas?" thing, since here it's fairly likely that we will have a white halloween and a white thanksgiving and a white easter.

anyway, ion television has a NEW holiday movie airing tonight called "a christmas in vermont", which i cannot imagine is actually filmed here. i may have to watch it just to see.


as we say in my family, happy midwinter gift exchange light festival of your choice.

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

Good yule. Celebrate when convenient.


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