Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 venture vermont: Go on a day-long outdoor adventure. Take pictures of all that you do!

my adventure day wasn't all that exciting.

and it wasn't entirely outdoors, although to be fair i have a lot of day long outdoor adventures and it was hard to pick one in particular so i woke up one day and said to myself "imma take a lot of pictures today and call this my day-long outdoor adventure."

and so i did.

so for starters, i played some ingress on my way over to stark, and then i messed with my gear and stuff and started walking up the mountain. i'd never been up the stark mountain trail, plus there's a waterfall up there (more about that later) so woo! jam-packed day!
trail signs
little violets growing wild
above the birdcage

kent thomas nature center. thomas kent? i always get it mixed up.
lunch inside, because the blackflies are outside
always read the log.
view of camel's hump
up the singlechair from midstation
water barrel at stark's nest
stuff on table.
feet up
long shadow, way down.

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