Friday, July 14, 2017

let's have a video grab bag, shall we?

because i really need to close some tabs.

ok, this thing isn't a video but it's striking and informative. you should look.

here's a video about how to make a "recorder" out of a carrot.

there are some other videos about whether or not this really works. it does. the vegetable orchestra has been doing this for a long time.

this is cool, and it's the sort of thing you almost thing you could do at home until you realize you just don't have one of those mirrors.

and if you've ever wondered about why women of the 18th century upperclass were so useless as to require lady's maids to help them dress, you maybe do no have a full appreciation for the difficulty of the process.

i drag myself out of bed in the mornings and pull on a pair of pants, a bra and a shirt and call it good. most days i get the shirt on forwards. no knickers are worn, so there's that in common.

and then there's these guys. i am enjoying everything they do, if we include "oh my goodness that looks so frightening" as "enjoyment".

but cool, you know?

and then there's this guy. his primitive technology channel is fascinating and for full benefit i recommend you go back and start watching him from the beginning, because basically he's starting with sticks and stones and working his way up to livable standards, if not modern ones. he makes a stylistic choice not to speak at all in the videos, unless you have subtitles on, and it turns out he does have a lot to say about his processes.

if he doesn't get a lot of marriage proposals, i will be very surprised.

and then there's this:

nuf sed.

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