Saturday, July 15, 2017

live to know

so this one day a while ago i was out playing ingress (because of course) and i needed JUST A FEW MORE POINTS to level up and i had burned out the portals immediately by me but i noticed one hidden over there down that trail a little ways so i went and blew it up and got some more points and BOOM hit the next level (yay!) and it turned out to have been somebody's guardian and they were all ticked off about that but i was still a day or two from even knowing what one was so i didn't even know enough to go "huh? what's a guardian?" which would have been funny...

but anyway...

i was over there and hidden out of view there's a pretty little collection of stone cairn sculptures and farm wire sculptures an a nice bit of landscape tucked on a hillside and here are some pictures.

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