Tuesday, July 04, 2017

wooo! michigan!

it's all-american! the MICHIGAN! no, not the state. no, not the album by sufjan stevens (although i recommend you listen to it, because it's an awesome album).



i had never had a michigan. i know, right? nearly half a century living near the epicenter of the michigan (plattsburgh NY) and i'd never had one?

so i was over in battery park with time to kill between appointments and because ingress (of course) and it had been forever since i'd gotten anything at beansie's bus, which has been parked on that corner since before i can remember and what i DO remember about it is hot summer nights in my youth playing for the BURLINGTON CONCEERT BAND and the delicious smells of hot dogs and fries wafting across the lawn.

uh, anyway.

so i was there with time to kill between appointments and i bought a michigan because i'd never had one.


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Kristin @ Going Country said...

We live in Michigan territory now, and the thing was very confusing to us when we moved up here last summer. I eventually figured out what it was when I saw the Michigan sauce for sale at the deli of the very small grocery store in the village and asked the deli guy what it was. He let me taste some. It bet the sweet meat sauce is good with the salty hot dog--kind of like relish--but I just can't get into the meat on top of meat thing (see: chili dog), so I still haven't tried one for real.


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