Tuesday, July 18, 2017

closing tabs

i was not going to do another "things i found on the internet" post, but i have all these open tabs.

you may have seen them. or not.

first, and it's really important to make this first, because the open tab is messing with my browser speed, is the oskar fischinger google doodle. it's super awesome and you should play with it. clear your calendar.

there's this game coming out called miegakure and i want it. i want it SO BAD. but it's not out yet. meanwhile, there's a little box of  4 dimensional toys  you CAN buy and i'm thinking of buying it, only it's a little pricey for a thing that's just cool to play with and i don't know how much i'd really play with it. here's a video of the guy explaining it:

next, i WANT this bowl. i want it in stainless steel in the small size. i do not want it for kitchen purposes, but exactly for the reason we are being warned against: apparently if you take it out in the sun, its parabolic shape starts fires.

...which would make it an excellent addition to my fire kit.

changing topics suddenly, here's a video of a school board meeting. notice how the desperate young teacher tenders her resignation after detailing the ways her school is completely broken. then notice how when she's done, the board does not go into "holy shit our hair is on fire let's drop everything and really TALK ABOUT THIS" mode, but instead they don't even skip a beat and it's business as usual, which is what makes this so completely horrifying.

ok, now if you have a heart in you, you need to feel better, so here's this:

i am now in love with this kid.

also, i went to celebrate canada day weekend on july 4th  (yes, i know it's a little late, but i like the perverseness of celebrating canada day on july 4th) by putting on my spiffy canada maple leaf socks (because i'm like that), only to discover they have holes in them and have to be retired. no amount of watching this video will make up for that, but it is a pretty awesome video:

and there's this:

and this.

and this last thing sums up my week.

ok, i'm back to normal now.

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