Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 venture vermont: Make a utensil or accessory for your campsite out of recycled materials

i'm all about using what's handy for my current purposes. last year on remote site 13 i made some little pots out of clay i dug on the reservoir which is not recycling things to use at my campsite, but i did use a piece of wood i dragged out of the water to dry my pots on, and i needed a little water dish, so i pulled a soda bottle out of the water (i'd have pulled it out and put it in recycling anyway) and cut it to make a dish i still have and use in my outdoor craft box.

but that was last season.

THIS season (so far) i have made a little waterproof map case out of the packaging for some socks. that's kind of a lame entry even though it is a handy item, because i didn't have to modify it to use it as a map case. it's just right the way it is.

but then i was sitting on my campsite and i needed a little bowl to hold some wood scraps for me and i happened to have a juice jar, so i cut that:

but also ever since last year's venture challenge, i'm really into cordage, so as long as i was eating my usual cookies every morning (don't judge) i decided to make a handy little cord out of that, and cordage is always handy at a campsite. plus this cord is sparkly, so you can use it for decoration, i guess.

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